Dr Rejiv delivered Speech on ' Targeted Therapy in Oncology ' at CME, Kerala
Breast Cancer Tumor Board Meeting

'Passion for Patient Care' is the ethos that centers the Integrated Cancer Care Group, formed by a team of oncologists for whom patient care is not just a job but a passion beyond any economic ramifications. Bonded not only by years of value based training at the Cancer Institute(W.I.A), Adyar but also by great camaraderie, this team decided to bring their unique skills together to Help, Serve and Support people affected with cancer. They endeavour to use their specific skills and years of expertise together as a team to work towards the most positive outcome possible for the patients.

  • Surgical Oncology

    Surgical Oncology is a sub specialty of cancer therapy which deals in surgery for cancer. Almost 70% of the cancers need surgery as part of their treatment to achieve cure.

  • Medical Oncology

    Medical Oncology is an integral part of cancer treatment which deals with administration of medicines against cancer.

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