Cancer Care

Cancer Care

Once a diagnosis of cancer is made,a person will require periodical consultation and depending on the type and stage of cancer diagnosed they will require surgery,chemotherapy and radiation therapy alone or in combination

Surgery will require pre operative tests and evaluation,after which adequate post operative care will be mandatory

Physiotherapy may be needed as part of post operative rehabilitation

For chemotherapy the patient will need to see the physician at regular intervals

Chemotherapy maybe administered using the day care facilities.Frequent blood examinations need to be done and low count measures may need to be adopted if necessary

Treatment with radiotherapy requires proper care of the skin in the irradiated area and the patient will have to report for treatment daily five days a week for a few successive weeks

If at any point of time during any of the above mentioned treatments the patient experiences any untoward complications then the patient must report it to their treating doctor who will make a judgement on whether any intervention will be required

In advanced cancer,treatment can be offered to reduce pain and any other illness to help the patient live longer and to live comfortably,even if they cannot be cured

Our doctors along with other health care team members such as nurses, pharmacists, psychologists and social workers will focus on creating an individual plan to address any treatment side effects,pain,emotional aspects and any other concerns that the patient may be experiencing

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