Surgical Oncology

                                  Surgical Oncology is a sub specialty of cancer therapy which deals with surgery for cancer. Almost 70% of the cancers need surgery as part of their integrated treatment to achieve cure. Surgery for cancer in earlier days was mutilating . Better understanding of the biology of cancer along with modern technologies and Specialised Training in Oncology has enabled surgical oncologists to perform more precise and less disabling surgeries with the goal to achieve better survival while preserving organ function.

Our Surgical Oncologists are experienced in handling challenging and complicated cancer surgeries. They have the experience of performing close to 2000 Breast cancer surgeries including breast conserving surgeries. Keeping in pace with the recent techniques and trends, the team has expertise in surgeries for Gynaecological Cancers Like Uterus, Cervix, Ovaries etc, Laparoscopic Surgeries, Head and Neck Cancers With Reconstruction, Gastro Intestinal Cancers, Mediastinoscopies and Lung Cancers Surgeries, Pelvic Exenterations, Hemipelvectomies, Total Spondylectomies, Sacrectomies Etc.

Bone cancers are treated by our integrated team with multidisciplinary approach to avoid mutilating amputations . The team has not only performed more than 500 Limb Saving Surgeries but also designed some of the unique Prosthesis to provide better limb function according to the need for our patients.

Our consultants have the pride of performing the highest number of Neobladder Reconstruction for bladder cancers in this part of the country.

Organ and Function Preserving Surgeries :-

   Breast Conservation Procedures
   Voice Preserving Laryngeal Surgeries
   Limb Saving Procedures For Bone Cancers and Sarcomas
   Internal Hemipelvectomies With Prosthesis
   Neobladder Reconstruction For Urinary Bladder Cancers
   Nerve Sparing Prostatectomy And Radical Cystectomies
   Minimally Invasive – Laparoscopic Surgeries For Gastro Intestinal And Gynaecological Cancers
   Fertility Sparing Surgeries

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